Frank M Serrano

Serrano Fine

Fall Eastern Sierra Workshop

September 25-28,  2017

"I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to watch Frank Serrano work his artistic magic at three different demos and to participate in one of his plein air workshops. His easy teaching style and humor greatly facilitated my learning experience on all four occasions. At the very informative workshop, he covered materials, composition, block-in of large masses, values and much more. He was direct yet tactful when critiquing my paintings, which I appreciated. You get alot of bang for your buck from Frank... he is passionate about his craft and goes the extra mile! I look forward to taking another workshop from this 'master of plein air' in the future! " 

- Candace Doub

Join artist Frank Serrano this Fall in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains for a beautiful 4 day workshop experience.   We will be based out of June Lake,  CA. which boasts some of the best painting spots in the Sierra, especially in the Fall.  Stunning mountain views,  glistening lakes and colorful aspen groves will get you exciting and in the mood to spend the next 4 days learning the skills to become a better painter.

The workshop includes daily demos with short lectures explaining  the whole process of painting on location. 

Lots of one-on-one guidance to help build better skill and to extract your own creativity.  A short constructive critique session after each day of painting to help each with improvements.  Lastly, a special gift will be raffled off that will end the workshop.

Student Testimonials 

Join artist Frank Serrano for his Saturday beach classes along the California Coast (From Laguna Beach to La Jolla Beach).

 You won't want to miss these beautiful beach day class experiences.  Tell your friends to join the fun!   We will be exploring  California's amazing  coast line, with it's stunning cliff views,  sparkling  ocean waters and colorful skies that will get you exciting and in the mood to spend 4 Saturdays  learning the skills to become a better painter.

Lots of  guidance to help build better skill and to extract your own creativity.  

* Note: That it is not necessary or mandatory to take consecutive classes so long as all 4 paid are taken within 2 months of registration.  


(4) Saturday Class Package 

Starting March 2017

Package Cost $160.00 per student for (4 Classes)


Indiviual Class Cost $50.00 per student for (1 Class)

Space is Limited Call Soon!!

Call  310-869-3200 to sign up 

*Materials list and all pertinent information will provided at sign up

Cost $450 per student. Limited Class size

*Materials list and all pertinent information will provided at sign up

"I went to Frank's workshop in the Eastern Sierras last spring. I wanted to focus on correct values in my paintings, and Frank was certainly the right instructor for that task! The scenery was gorgeous, and everyone in our group had a great time."

- Elsbeth Monett

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