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I hope you will be following me on this blogging journey. I'm excited to share new topics that will be entertaining, educational & informative to those that love art. 

What makes Frank's landscapes so special is how he has developed his natural talent of art into amazingly skillful  masterpieces with such beauty and confidence in every brush stroke. You will  really feel that he has captured the sense of atmospheric beauty of the landscapes in his subjects. 


“Painting on location enriches my life... and the paintings do not exist as mere pictures, but as a journal through which I can express all my senses.”


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Frank's Landscapes...

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Join artist Frank Serrano this September  in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains for a beautiful 4 day workshop experience. 

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Frank's western art showcases such beautiful tonal qualities that captures the mood and atmosphere perfectly. Frank has amazing subtleties in his paintings that create very sophisticated and stunning depth with a sense of elegance  and grace that you don't always see in modern day artist. It's easy to see that Frank's western art really embraces his love for nature and animals.




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I have been a professional Western Landscape Artist for more than a decade. I love capturing  the sense of atmosphere  and  interpreting my own personal connection with nature onto canvas